You need to create a new bathroom or to restructure an existing one

Anticipate your layout to make the best decisions


… Because just a couple of inches for the layout/location of a door or a partition wall could prevent you of getting the walk-in shower or bath tub of your dreams…

The assets for your project:

We perform the design before the structuring works (electric wiring, pipe junctions, partitioning)

We refine the ordering of your products after a final accurate measurement taking

You want to create a master suite ? We propose comprehensive design for bathroom / bedroom / dressing room with our partners specialized in custom closets

You need to renovate an obsolete or outdated bathroom

Take this opportunity to integrate what you were missing or what will delight you


An Italian walk in shower as a replacement of an old bath tub, custom storage closets, 2 vanities for each partner’s private space…your desires can most of the time be met in a thought of and optimized room.

The assets for your project :

We analyse the different layout possibilities for your room

You chose the most suited and desirable for you

We provide our expertise as well as the one of our network to find the best solutions in each situation


Let’s create a unique bathroom, without changing the existing layout


With a trendy ambience and a perfect comfort, you will tell yourself day after day that this room was designed especially for you.

The assets for your project :

You find inspiration from our creations and styles

We design your room in the preferred ambiences, according to your existing layout

You chose the one you love the most

You want to rent your house / condo ? We can design fashion long lasting bathroom with limited budget allowances