Study for a creation from scratch

Study presentation

une salle de bain à créer dans un espace non aménagé.

The first meeting allowed to identify the client’s needs :

  • Want a bathroom in a non-finished part of the house
  • Bathroom to be used by the whole family
  • Multi-purpose sapce : bathroom, laundry room with storage
  • If possible, two sinks (or vanities)

The in-home visit allowed to take measurements and identify the technical constraints, including :

  • Location of existing water supplies and evacuations
  • Limited height under the ceiling
  • Poor natural light coming in

The meeting allowed to further understand the clients’ tastes and desires :

  • A bright, welcoming and warm house
  • Many colors mixed with light wood in all rooms
  • A need for a handy space as well as one inviting to relaxing, and harmonized with the other rooms of the house

The study performed by Virginie for Bath & Suite Factory


The theme that our client wanted to go with

  • Identification of the different layout opportunities considering technical constraints, drafting detailed plans
  • Proposing different ambiences and recommending product styles meeting our clients’ requirements
  • Staging the future bathroom in 3D views derived from the room plans and taking into account our clients’ preferences in terms of decoration and style

First layout proposal: double vanity and one single closet


Second layout proposal: 2 separate vanities with their relevant underneath closet


Third layout proposal: same as second one but with an alcove style shower

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